What We Do

Retreats for Schools and Parishes.

Our Retreat Team consists of 8-10 missionaries who drive on the road for the duration of the mission year. Creating opportunities of encounter with Jesus, Irish young people experience a relationship with Him in a tangible way.

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What is a NET retreat?

Specialising in encounter ministry, our missionaries plan and facilitate retreats for young people of all ages to experience the love of God. A NET retreat consists of fun activities, faith sharing, and a time of prayer.

Sacramental Preparation

Assisting in catechesis, discipleship teams facilitate year-long Confirmation classes and retreats.


We provide students time to step away from the busyness of everyday life to connect or reconnect with Jesus.

Music Ministry

We incorporate music into our ministry as often as we can, whether that’s for Mass, Holy Hours, or casual sessions.

After School Events

After-school events give students more opportunity to encounter the Gospel in a pressure free environment.

Key Benefits

Why organise a retreat with NET Ministries?

  • Create a dynamic ready-to-go  youth ministry programme in your school.

  • Welcome missionaries who are trained to engage with young people and meet them where they are.

  • Help bridge the gap between the Church and young people of Ireland.

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What to Expect

Unlock the potential of your young people.

We help young people see their true potential. Through authentic connections and meaningful experiences, missionaries bear witness to a love for Jesus, fostering a community where youth can embrace the life of the Church.

Retreat Costs

What does it cost?

We want every school to have a retreat team and therefore go to great lengths in fundraising to offset the cost for schools. Please contact us to further discuss the retreat fees.

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NET missionaries are shining lights.

Wherever they go, they try to bring the love and hope of Christ. They are sorely needed to inspire not only their peers but so many others who have forgotten God in the maze of life. Let us pray for them, that God will make their work fruitful and that they will contribute greatly to the re-evangelisation of Ireland.

Bishop Alphonsus Cullinan

Archdiocese of Waterford & Lismore

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NET Ministries Ireland is a charity registered in Ireland (no.17982) and the UK (no.107461).
The registered offices are at College Court, Lower Main Street, Ballybofey, Co. Donegal 
and De Montford House, 5 Clarendon Street Lower, Derry.