About Us

We equip


to create disciples in schools and parishes across Ireland.

Our Mission

Encouraging young people to love Jesus and embrace the life of the Church.

A Transformative Mission.

We send teams of missionaries into parishes, schools and communities across Ireland to share the Catholic Faith with young people and transform their lives.


Prayer is an essential part of living life with Christ. We start and end everything we do with prayer.


Community is necessary for fostering our relationship with Jesus and in our journey to salvation.


The sacraments are our life-line and key to sustaining our calling as missionaries and as Christians.


We have been given many great gifts that Jesus has called us to use to bring greater glory to Him.

How it Works
Through relational ministry we
create opportunities for encounter.

Encounter Ministry

Creating Moments of Encounter.

Engaging young people in the parish and schools with retreats and youth groups, faithfully witnessing to the person of Jesus Christ and inviting others to follow Him.

Discipleship Ministry

Leading others closer to Jesus.

To encourage and facilitate the growth of young people’s faith, intentionally form disciples and empower and equip young people and young adults for service within ministry.

Lighthouse Ministry

Living as a Luminous Witness.

Creating an example of good and holy followers of Jesus within the community as a light for others to see and desire.

Our Values

We are led by the Holy Spirit to proclaim the Gospel.

The Holy Spirit is NET’s source of strength, wisdom, and inspiration, vital for our mission’s success of proclaiming the Gospel.



Faithful to divine authority of the Catholic Church, we believe in the importance of fidelity to the whole of Catholic teaching.



The Holy Spirit guides and enriches our mission with spiritual gifts and zeal, inspiring us in everything we do.



The saving message of Jesus is kept at the heart of everything we do to encourage hope and purpose in every young person.

Our Impact

Our mission is having a real impact on young people across Ireland.

  • Since 2004, we have sent more than 476 missionaries into schools and parishes all across Ireland.

  • We’ve engaged more than 200,000 
young people in our youth ministries.

  • More than twenty of our former missionaries have gone on to pursue a religious vocation.

Support our mission

NET Ministries Ireland is a charity registered in Ireland (no.17982) and the UK (no.107461).
The registered offices are at College Court, Lower Main Street, Ballybofey, Co. Donegal 
and De Montford House, 5 Clarendon Street Lower, Derry.