Teallia Gorman - Ministry Development Coordinator

Recruiting & Immigration Coordinator, Child Safeguarding Liaison

Teallia Gorman

Thank you for your interest in our ministry! My name is Teallia Gorman and I am from Connecticut, USA. I hold the positions of Ministry Development Coordinator and I also managing our Recruiting team. I first encounter NET Ireland when I volunteered as a missionary on the 2012-13 Road Team. NET transformed my relationship with Jesus from something that was inward focused to a something I wanted to share with the world. I have been blessed with Jesus fulfilling that desire through my service on two teams, as a supervisor to five teams, and now as a senior supervisor. Sharing my faith and forming our missionaries is my passion. My husband, Sean, and I love our life with our two cats in rural Donegal and couldn't imagine living anywhere else.

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