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Emily Foy - Discernment Administrator

Music Coordinator, Alumni Liaison

Emily Foy

Hello! My name is Emily Foy! I am originally from Alberta Canada but am currently living in Donegal Ireland with my husband and soon, our new born baby! I have been with NET for several years now, and have been able to work as a missionary, music coordinator and discernment administrator for NET Ireland.

I feel called to this mission with NET Ireland because of the way that Jesus has used it to change my life! I have been able to develop a real relationship with Jesus, I met my spouse through NET, found a job that I love and a community that pushes me and pulls me towards Jesus everyday. Without my experience with NET my life would be very different today! And by working with NET I get to help young people all around the world discern if this is where Jesus is calling them for a year of their life.

NET has been a great gift to my life and I consider it an honor to journey with so many young people. These last few years have changed my life and I want to encouraged whoever is called to a year of mission with NET Ireland to let Jesus do the same for them!

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