Denis Nuwagaba - Programme Director

Senior Supervisor, Leadership Team Member

Denis Nuwagaba

My name is Denis Nuwagaba I am 35 years old. I am the Programme Director of NET Ministries Ireland. I oversee the training and supervision of our NET Teams. I am from Uganda and this is my Fourth year working for NET in Ireland. Prior to that I worked for NET in Uganda for three years and I was a missionary on NET Australia for a year. I am Married to Christine and we are blessed with a beautiful daughter called Grace and as I write this, we are expecting our second Child. I am so honoured to be a Father!

Fun fact about me is, I was born under a banana tree. Yes, you read it correctly, Under a banana tree. I also love dancing. I really believe that when Grace enters, humans must dance. I am passionate about working with young people. I desire to see young men and women in Ireland Encounter Jesus.

I am doing what I am doing because I believe every young person in Ireland needs to know that Jesus loves them and died for them. I believe every young person deserves to encounter Jesus and experience his unconditional love. And I believe this can happen in my lifetime. That is the reason I am here in Ireland working with NET. I love the fact that NET Ministries Ireland gives young Missionaries an opportunity to tell so many Irish young people that Jesus loves them and died for them. That is why I am here working with NET.

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