NET Missionary
Ronan Whelan

Ronan Whelan

My name is Ronan whelan I'm from a small town in mayo. I have 1 sister so it's a pretty small family, and I live with my mother and granny. My hobbies are Guitar, singing, playing soccer, I also enjoy cooking and baking. My favourite meal to make gotta be steak! I also enjoy movies but I alwayyyyss over think when it comes to them... I Love using my gift of music to praise Jesus and Our Beautiful Blessed Mother! But the most favourable and important thing to me is evangelising in a Loving manner. It is amazing that I can show people who Jesus is and then that also be where I receive my peace and joy! I am so looking forward to giving a year to serve the youth and my fellow missionaries, to be a pillar set by the lord, so that he can build upon me and work through me. I can't wait to meet the young people of Ireland and by the merits of God, show them who Christ is and where the truth lays!!!

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