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Jeremy Luistro

British Columbia, Canada


My name is Jeremy Luistro and I come from Abbotsford, Canada! It's likely you don't know where Abbotsford is, but we have cows, farms, and nice mountains to hike up nearby. I come from a family of 4, being the eldest and having a younger sister. I love hiking, snowboarding, lifting weights, and talking to others about bizarre things. After accepting Christ into my heart all those years ago at a retreat I've been set ablaze and excited to share the love and joy that comes from Him. I am excited to meet new people and discovering how the Church is practiced in Ireland, and serving the community here with my whole heart! I also look forward to travelling to a different country and absorbing the rich and beautiful culture that Ireland has, especially since it is so deeply rooted in Catholicism. I await for August with excitement as the beginning of my year with NET Ireland, and a year to love and serve the Lord & others with my whole heart!

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"Unfortunately at this time it is not possible for NET Ministries to provide tax receipts for donations originating from the United States or Canada." 

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