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Partnership Calls/Meetings

(1 minute) Introduction: Chat, ask about life, etc. 

Thanks so much for being willing to meet with me. As I shared with over the phone I will have the opportunity to serve with NET again this next year. 


Connection Question 1: Who is Jesus to you?


Transition to testimony: Ex: Jesus has brought great hope to my life as well. I would love to share how Jesus impacted my life and how I felt called to NET. 

(3 minutes) Full written testimony/calling: Bullet point testimony/calling: 

  • Example:

    • Finishing high school, oh what to do?

    • Well, I ought to serve Jesus. 

    • Maybe NET? 

    • Friend gives me the application form. 

    • Slowly desires more and more to do NET.

    • Jesus did his thing, and now here I am!

Connection Question 2: So that’s how I came to NET and before we dive too much into the ministry, I’d like to ask what comes to mind when you think of young people in the Church in Ireland?  


(1 minute) Compelling Need: Share a story of a young person you know, who has been impacted by NET or by encountering Jesus.

Facts about the Church in Ireland:

i. 1995—2018: divorce legalized, same-sex marriage legalized, abortion


ii. Lowest number of men for the priesthood since 1795.

iii. 2016: ‘No Religion’ is Ireland’s fastest growing religion. 


Compelling Vision and Call: ‘Many Catholics in Ireland feel hopeless

watching their young people leave the Church. We make missionaries of

young and old, changing lives forever.’

‘We encourage young people to love Jesus and embrace the life of the Church.’


Explain what you will be doing as a NET missionary (use can use the Ministry Outlook as a guide)


(2 minutes) Ministry Outlook

“Although I don’t know which team I will be on, I will be doing encounter and discipleship ministry and through the Lighthouse Effect.

(Choose some aspects of ministry that excite you)

Encounter Ministry: Encounter and retreat days in schools which, youth groups, Surf Sand Sun Retreats, parish missions and more which invite

young people from all walks of life to have a personal Encounter with Jesus.

Discipleship Ministry: Journeying with young people toward heaven through small groups meetings, meeting up for meals and activities, bible studies, and other faith sharing events. I have the opportunity to walk with Jesus’ disciples.

The Lighthouse Effect: by reaching partners, assisting at regional and national ministry events, staying at host homes, and participating in local parish events, NET Missionaries create a lighthouse effect whereby the missionaries bring faith, hope, love, and life to the people of Ireland.


A Day in the Life of a NET Missionary: Refer to partnership manual or acceptance package. 


(2-3 Minutes) Share a story:  Share the story of a changed life. 


(1 minute) My Commitment to you: 1 will stay in contact with you through monthly updates. NET Missionaries have on average one hour of personal time each day and I will keep you in my prayers. 

(? minutes) Questions: Allow them to ask questions about NET. 


(2 Minutes) Ask: “NET is a non-profit mission/organization, and I have the opportunity to invite others such as yourself who are passionate about giving young people the opportunity to encounter Jesus, to join me in the mission. Today I would like to invite you to invest in the mission by joining my support team, at _____ amount per month?     

Wait for their response. 


(3 minutes) If yes - thank and share the ways to donate with them. Inform them that you can help them with an online donation if that is what they choose and ask if they would like to set up their donation right now as you can walk them through the process.

I have to think about it - no problem, I would be happy to call you back in three days or so after you’ve have to time to think/pray/talk if over with your spouse. 


No - Would a different amount suit you better. 


Ultimately a no - Thank you for your time, it is a privilege to share the mission with you. God Bless you!

Ask if they know of anyone else who’d be interested in joining the mission. 


Thank You: Thank them for their time and support. 

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