Shaun Hickland - Team Supervisor

Recruiting Assistant, Liturgy Coordinator

Shaun Hickland

Hey everyone! My name is Shaun Hickland and is my third year serving with NET Ministries. I grew up as a Catholic in New Zealand, but the person of Jesus was never a huge focus. But experiencing community, and especially brotherhood, with other people who are striving for holiness has given me a great desire for Sainthood myself. Being with Jesus in silence and adoration continues to increase my awareness how He is working in my life.

Before I left for Ireland, I was on a tertiary chaplaincy team, working with the young adults on my university campus, and really felt Jesus calling me to journey with young people we encountered. Speaking to and listening to these people helped me understand the struggles they came across in their faith journey. I’m still love accompanying young adults in this way because I know it will create beautiful community and return Ireland to the land of Saints and Scholars.

I am here because I want to experience Jesus in my life and the lives of others so I can learn to have conversations that can draw friends and family closer to Christ. I want to renew the Irish church because it is where I got my faith and I want to see it become the land of saints and scholars again.

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