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Naomi Vijn - Marketing Assistant

Photographer & Videographer, Media Content Creator

Naomi Vijn

Hey there,

My name is Naomi, I am a Dutch Mexican girl who desires to do God’s will in everything that I do. I am creative and passionate, and I love to write, dance, act, draw, design and learn new languages. Also I recently started to dive deeper into my love for photography and filmography. Next to that I just graduated in my study Marketing and Communications, and I hope to be able to put this skill into practice while being a missionary at NET.

These days a lot of youth feel lost, alone and unworthy. They fall into depression and can’t seem to find a way out anymore. I once was one of them. I was lost and couldn’t see the value of life anymore. After having gone through a lot I was ready to give up on life. Till I saw my live passing by and I heard a voice telling me that my life had value. From that moment on I started searching for a way out of my depression and found Jesus. Thanks to a retreat I went to where I got to meet some beautiful people who journeyed with me, I grew closer to Jesus and learned to see who I was through His eyes. And now, I am healed from my depression, I can finally see the beauty of live and I am able to see the beauty in myself and in the gifts that once felt as a burden. If Jesus could do this with me, imagine what he can do in other life’s as well. That is why I find it so important to help the youth encounter Jesus. Because if Jesus saved my live, how many lives can be saved by helping youth encounter Him?

Therefore lets go encourage youth to encounter Jesus and embrace the live of the church! Because changing the world starts by yourself and if I don’t do it who does it then?

Would you be my partner on this mission? Let’s make a change together! Thank you in advance!

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