Mildred Namakula - NET Facilities Duty Manager

Resources Manager, Office Manager

Mildred Namakula

My name is Mildred Namakula, I am a 31-year-old Ugandan missionary to Ireland. I love adventuring, dancing, meeting new people and talking with people. I love talking about Jesus at any time of the day if I could, nothing else gives me more joy! Over the years, Jesus has showed me the true heart of the Father. I know that I am truly and passionately loved by a Father who will never let go! Jesus is my best friend, the love of my life! He has given me a beautiful awareness of His presence always with me, I am constantly having chats with Him in every moment of my life, He speaks to me constantly in the gentlest way. Life for me seems like dancing with the Love of my life to an endless love song! I have experienced Jesus’ romance and it is so real!

My beautiful relationship with Jesus compels me to evangelise to others to experience Him as well. I envision a world where people know their true identity, His grace, how much they are loved and have an awareness of His presence! I live to embody Jesus such that people will encounter His healing in me!

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