Hannah Riffe - Finance Assistant

Ministry Development Team Member, Foreign Missions Coordinator

Hannah Riffe

My name is Hannah, I’m 27 and I’m from St. Augustine, Florida. I graduated from Auburn University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. While attending college, I became involved with FOCUS (the Fellowship Of Catholic University Students) which really caused my faith to grow. After college, I worked as an Engineer in Pennsylvania for a few years. While there, I started up a bible study with my local priest, but I still felt God calling me to more. I felt Him calling me to become a missionary and NET fell into my lap. I said Yes to his call (after a lot of hesitation) and am SO glad I did! I was blessed to be on the Road Team last year and then the Cork Team during Covid. Last year was a total blessing, though not what I expected. I felt God call me to serve him more by joining Missions Staff.

After working in “the real world” and being pretty successful, I was shocked at how unfulfilled I felt. I constantly wanted more. The truth is that success does not fulfil you, not money, or power, or things… only God can fill that void. I’m now trying to spread His good news with as many people as possible. I want others to feel his joy and peace and know that they are loved!

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"Unfortunately at this time it is not possible for NET Ministries to provide tax receipts for donations originating from the United States or Canada."