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Experiencing the Power of Personal Prayer

Before I became a missionary with NET, I had always heard that you need daily prayer to live a Catholic life. I heard these words and they went into my head and floated around, but never really travelled down into my heart. But through personal prayer everyday in Ireland, I know now, that I need prayer like I need air, everyday without fail.

Light glides through the air encompassing me, as I take in the beauty of my surroundings. Without words, I feel the presence of God all around me. The trees have an unexplainable nature about them, and I know my mind can't comprehend the colours and vastness. He is taking my hand & bringing me on a walk through this paved, radiant garden. I am in awe. As we walk, I realize we are passing by my life. It is playing like a far off movie outside of where we are. I am wearing a white dress. When we reach the end, the Father draws me near. The journey of my life has ended and I can finally be so close to Him. And we dance.

A few weeks ago, I received this vision in my usual time of prayer. I had just watched a video by Steffany Gretzinger (she is AWESOME look up her talks/music). She was describing how God the Father wants to bring us back, to The Garden of Eden, before sin and shame. Everything she was saying resinated with me so much. I took some time to just sit, and think, about what this meant for me in my life. What struck me the most was the simplicity I felt, and how all fear was so far from my mind. After I got this insight, I was just so overcome by how intimate it was and couldn't help but cry.

I know I am only able to open my imagination to the Holy Spirit because we have established a relationship every day. Personal prayer is the foundation I need and I actually can't live without. Through this everyday conversation with God, He brings me back to the Garden each morning. The Father makes it simple for me and leads me on the path of those next 24 hours. If you don't set aside time everyday for prayer, I want to strongly encourage you to make time for your Creator.

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