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Maybe Cringey Isn't So Bad...

A bit about me: I've always believed in God mainly because of my family and an ecumenical group named The Community of Nazareth. I had been to many Christian retreats and camps and enjoyed them all. However, when I`d come home from these retreats, my Faith would fall apart. I lived the lukewarm Christian lifestyle. I knew God was real but I was happy where I was and didn’t need Gods help. No way was I going to tell my classmates or my G.A.A friends about God. I was not going to risk my reputation. And besides I was happy doing my thing and I was sure God was happy doing His thing. Right? Wrong! First off, I loved sport, I loved partying and I loved my friends. I had no time for God except on Friday nights at youth group and mass on Sunday. I was too busy all the other days. Now it took me 17 years to realise this mistake. God opened my eyes to reality. I decided to be open about my faith and my belief in God. And yano what, I did get some slagging for it but I didn’t really care! A lot of people respected my openness and not being afraid to stand up for what I believe in. `Do you think I`m weird believing in God`? `No I actually respect that and believe there is a God out there.` Just one example of encounters I had! It was all through 6th year that I was considering taking a year out before going to College. The opportunity of NET presented itself right in front of me, but I thought, “NET!!? Pffft please. As if I`d join that ministry especially since its so cringey. I am not wearing that blue T-shirt and I defo DO NOT want to be associated with them,” but I decided with God’s help of course to go for it! I was quite reluctant to step outside of my comfort zone, but then I had two separate occasions of people praying for me and my decision and they gave me the bible verse Luke 4 which explains about Jesus preaching in Capernaum and how prophets will be persecuted in their own country. I now knew God’s plan was for me to join NET Ministries Ireland. I wanted to grow stronger in my relationship with God and ultimately be surrounded with people for a year who have the same purpose as me: To make it to Heaven. However, no one said that this would be easy. I have many friends who have no faith and don’t know what I`m doing. I`m also still heavily influenced by society and the world, yet I`m still growing closer to Jesus. NET has given me this incredible opportunity that I didn’t think I'd ever get the chance to do! I am so lucky to get the chance to tell the youth of Ireland about God’s Good News and how much He loves them. I was happy with where I was with my faith, when I was lukewarm and when I began growing closer to God, but I came to realise that there is always room to grow closer to God and that you really see God’s blessings when you step outside your comfort zone and trust in Him! NET is one of the largest Catholic youth ministries in the world and it really does offer you a unique and unforgettable year. I guarantee you, you will not regret your decision if you decide to do NET. I was extremely reluctant, but janey mac I`m SO glad I decided to take the plunge into the water! Step out of that boat and just go for it (even if you cant swim like me ;) ) . Net will change your life. What an opportunity to spread the love of Jesus! Don’t let this unreal chance slip away my friend!

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