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Dare for More

"If you would enter into life; keep the commandments." And the young man asked: "Which?" (Matt 19:17-18). This is Jesus’ answer to a young man who asked what he must do to have eternal life.

Which indeed?

In a world of increasingly complex ethical questions, it’s hard to know sometimes what the right thing to do is.

It is possible to know and do God's will.

If you’re in ministry, it's important to constantly come to Jesus guided by the Holy Spirit and ask him: which? 1) Which ministry should be a part of? 2) Which young person should I help become a leader? etc.

Life is busy, and sometimes doing a lot of ministry can kill the fire within us. That's why it’s important to dare for more!

But How? How Do We Dare for More?

Well...we need to stay tuned to the Holy Spirit no matter what challenges we face. We need to strive to become closer to God. We need to ask Jesus the big questions like. “Jesus what do you think I should do?” Then listen.

We have to dare for more! This daring might be anything from taking a formation course in University, attending a Catholic Conference like Youth 2000, or “Doing something amazing” like NET!

My Story

I have been involved with youth ministry for the last 12 years. Last year I was on Staff with NET Uganda, when I felt God daring me for more.

Guess what I did!!?

I applied to be on NET Ireland, and I left everything. As I write this, I am on the Dunshaughlin NET team here in Co. Meath, Ireland. I love it and it has been so worth it!

It can be hard to do something like that for some and then for others, once the Holy Spirit says go, they go and JUST DO IT!

It’s worth mentioning as well that every believer is called to present Jesus to the World through their own particular calling.

What Is God Calling You to Do?

That's a powerful question, you have to have courage to do this.

However, if you have a glimpse of what God is saying to your heart, have courage and say yes. Trust that God loves you and wants you to be happy, then share that love with others.

You will be amazed what you will receive in return for a little bit of Courage.


By the way, Courage is a choice. The measure of your life will be the measure of your courage. Choose to be Courageous!!!

Be courageous enough to give a year of your life to something that has an eternal impact.

Remember it isn't easy, but nothing worthwhile in history has been achieved without Courage.

Courage is the Gulu/Father of every great moment and movement in history. Courage will enable you to dare for more and say yes to laying your life down for a bigger cause, a selfless cause, a cause that God is putting on your heart.

As I finish, know that God created you because he loves you! He desires that you will freely choose to return his love by seeking his will for your life.

Even before you were born, God already had a plan for you. Nevertheless, you are truly free; you may choose to reject the plan God has for you and go your own way. You cannot be truly happy without God.

Dare for more… more opportunities to grow in your relationship with Jesus. Give a year of your life to a cause that is challenging, a cause where you will need courage to invite young people to love Jesus and Embrace the Church.

God bless you!


Dare, Courage, Faith

Denis Nuwagaba

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