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Reaching New Heights with the Lamb of God

A Truth about Sheep

Often times when I think about sheep I tend to assume they are well, rather sheepish, but recently on an adventure to Slieve League Cliffs or Sliagh Liag as the Irish spelling goes, I was proven wrong.

One of my friends was visiting as well as one of the other guys had his brother from Australia in Ballybofey so we thought we would show them some of the sights. It was a bonus because it was a sight I had yet to see. The scenery was amazing! It also helped that it was sunny that Saturday.

The drive out was on some back Irish roads, and I had nearly forgot how small and twisty the roads here can get. When we arrived we parked in the lower parking lot. Not the end of the world, but let's just say there was a pretty steep hill to walk up (worth it). As we continued to the main cliffs, I looked to my left and low and behold there were sheep grazing in pastures (a normal enough thing), but they were grazing right up to the edge of the cliffs!!

As someone who loves life and living in general, to me, grazing right up to the edge of a cliff is madness (not to mention I don't eat grass).

Sheep are more brave then we give them credit for

The thought entered my head that these sheep are more brave then we give them credit for. Now, I'm sure sheep have fallen off the edge (I'm not making a point about how smart they are), but to even get to the edge of these cliffs takes some guts.

One may now be thinking, "Right, Rachel I get it you think sheep are neat, but what is the point?"

Well my friend let me try to explain the point I am trying to make here. . .

There are many opportunities in our lives where we have the opportunity to graze right up to the edge, to go climbing on the rocks where one misstep will lead us to our demise. Sometimes we take the chance and hope our steps don't falter, sometimes we refuse and back away to safer pastures and both options are actually necessary for survival.

We are likened to Sheep

One thing I enjoy though, is in the Bible, often, we are likened to sheep and I was not really fond of that comparison.

I usually tend to assume that's because we as humans are weak and need to be taken care of and Jesus is the shepherd who takes care of us, but after this adventure to Slieve League I have a different idea about being likened to sheep.

I think the reason we are so often compared to sheep is because we have the ability to go climbing on the highest heights if we choose to.

Jesus is also called the Lamb of God, not because he was cute and wooly white, but I believe in part because He went climbing on one of the highest heights, that of the cross.

Sheep are actually the perfect image to use to describe us humans because it takes some guts to go climbing on the cliffs of life.

Take a chance and get right up to the edge

Some cliffs will be easier and less treacherous, but to get to some of the best grazing we need to take a chance and get right up to the edge. Besides the view was amazing . . .just don't tell my parents . . . :P


About Rachel Bosl

My name is Rachel Bösl and I'm from Minnesota in the United States. I am very excited to be

joining NET Staff here in Ireland. Last year, I served on the road team traveling all around this lovely country ministering to the youth. I loved it!!

I am thrilled to get to continue with this wonderful ministry and use my skills for spreading the Gospel of Jesus. For His Glory!!

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