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School Retreats

"My life will never be the same because of the NET Team. I will get to know Jesus more" - 15 Year Old Student

Our Road Team travels all across Ireland facilitating retreats for schools and parishes up to 5 days a week. Since 1981, NET teams have conducted over 30,000 retreats and have reached over 1 million young people in 11 countries.


To find out more about retreats with NET Ministries, keep reading or request an Encounter Day Brochure.



There are variety of themes to choose from to suit your school or parish's needs. If you need help choosing or want to know more, please contact us

Initiation Complete (Confirmation)
The Apprentice (Discipleship)
Encounter Jesus (Who is Jesus?)
Arms Open Wide (God's Love)
A Voice For Our Times (Pope Francis)
Worth What? (Self-Image General)
Survior (Self-Image Male)
Unedited (Self-Image Female)
Steppin' Up (Christian Leadership)
Take A Stand (Respect)
Road Trip (Life Choices)
The Search (Search for Meaning)
Hands and Feet (Social Justice)
Truth Laid Bare (Sexuality)
Debt Free (Forgiveness)

"The NET Team have all really helped strengthen my faith and helped me come to a realisation in life. I am now practicing being a faithful Catholic more than I ever have"


4th Year Student

Up to 120 Students

Our retreats are run by a team of 6-10 young adults trained in school and parish ministry. They are professionals at faciltating engaging content for any audience.

Confirmation To 6th Year

Our teams and missionaries are trained to cater for a variety of audiences of different ages. We faciliate retreats mainly for students preparing for confirmation in sixth class up through to students preparing to leave in sixth year.

Example Schedules

School Day Retreat

8:30 Sign in and Opening Session

9:15 Introduction and Small Group

10:00 Main Presentation

10:30 Small Group

11:15 Large Group Game

11:30 Sketches and Songs

12:00 Lunch

1:00 Prayer Time and Mass

2:15 Retreatant Sharing and Closing

2:30 Retreat Ends

Evening Retreat

5:00pm Sign in and Opening Session

5:45 Introduction and Small Group

6:30 Dinner

7:00 Main Presentation

7:30 Small Group

8:15 Sketches and Song

8:45 Prayer Ministry and Mass

9:45 Retreatant Sharing and Closing 

10:00 Retreat Ends

Full Day Retreat

9:00am Sign In and Opening Session

10:00 Small Group

10:30 Main Presentation

11:00 Small Group

11:45 Sketch

12:00 Lunch

12:45 Large Group Game

1:15 Second Presentation

1:45 Small Group

2:30 Sketch

3:15 Snacks

3:30 Mens/Womens Sessions

5:30 Dinner

6:15 Break (Free Time)

6:45 Reconciliation Preparation

7:00 Prayer Ministry and Reconciliation 

8:00 Mass

8:45 Retreatant Sharing and Closing

9:00 Retreat Ends

Encounter Day Brochure
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