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Shannon Loughrey

Maryland, United States


My name is Shannon Loughrey and I come from Pennsylvania! I come from a lovely family of 4 who inspire me in my faith! I love to go hiking and backpacking and if asked I'm always down for an adventure! I love to watch movies, play board games and read books! I have a deep love for Catholic Youth communities and growing in my faith with my peers! Attending retreats like Mount 2000, Steubenville Youth Retreat and FOCUS's SEEK have shown me the vibrancy of the Catholic faith! I am looking forward to serving with NET by being able to share my love of the Lord and the faith while growing with those I encounter in my team and in Ireland!! Most of all I'm looking forward to seeing how the Lord is going to work in this season of my life!

Join Shannon on Mission

"Unfortunately at this time it is not possible for NET Ministries to provide tax receipts for donations originating from the United States or Canada." 

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