Mary Ostrich

Virginia, United States


Hello! My name is Mary Ostrich and I am from Manassas Virginia! I love to hike, snowboard, hammock and go on adventures in nature. I had tried snowboarding once before but I want to get significantly better so over Christmas break I went four times! It was a blast. I have been on this journey seeking the vocation that makes me fully alive and I found a couple experiences where I find myself the most joyful. I realized that I am the most joyful when I share the love of Christ with others and when I am immersed in nature. I have been so blessed to be able to attend Franciscan University this past year but am so excited to see where this journey unfolds and all the beautiful people I am able to encounter in my new chapter with NET. The Lord calls us all to rebuild His church and I am so blessed to be called to rebuild it in Ireland.

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