Lisa McDonnell

Tyrone, Northern Ireland


My name is Lisa McDonnell. I am from a small village in County Tyrone called Ardboe. I am the youngest in my family with a Mum, Dad and a Brother. They mean the world to me. I love to be on an adventure and I am a dancer having taught and danced different styles such as ballroom, musical theatre(I have did musicals) and Irish Dancing. I teach jiving which is always super fun cause its lovely to see people becoming happy from what you are teaching and getting fit while dancing. I am very into my faith, its always been a part of me I have never gave up and the Lord and Mother Mary, have always been there for me in troubled times. I am so looking forward in NET to spreading the Good News to the youth and helping them to deepen their faith and have a relationship with God which I feel is a huge part of what God is calling me to do; to bring more people back to him, especially the youth because they are the future and having faith in God will help in so many ways. I also look forward to deepening my faith and relationship with God and meeting new people who are all connected in faith. God is life and I am blessed that he has chosen me to be a vessel to help his ministry and this is a first step in an amazing journey. I can’t wait to see what he has in store for me.

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