Faith Obi

Donegal, Ireland


My name is Faith Obi. I was born in Nigeria and my family moved to Ireland as I turned 2. So something fun about me is that my boyfriend says that I can be a secret weapon on NET. As I have a mix of accents, people usually mistake me for an American/Canadian. So I often surprise people by being quite familiar with Irish lifestyle and slang! I am currently in my final year of university in Glasgow, Scotland. I am studying children’s nursing. That’s another fun thing about me, I love kids! I have always found myself volunteering to work with kids. My love for kids has even taken me to Alabama, USA to volunteer for a couple months in a children’s home who have been born to incarcerated parents. I’m looking forward to working as a children’s nurse but I’m looking forward to working as part of a NET team even more in this season of my life! As a new convert, I’m overjoyed to have the opportunity to take a few months to really dive all in to the Catholic faith. Of course as I learn I will have more to spread the Good News to young people. I’m also looking forward to developing good relationships with my fellow team members!

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