Claire Rady

Ohio, United States


My name is Claire Rady all the way from Houston, Texas! I am currently a student at Franciscan University, but I am feeling the call to serve, and to do it now! So I talked to some NET alumni at Franciscan and applied, so here we are. New adventures excite me and I love being uncomfortable and not knowing and allowing God to take over. I am looking forward to seeing what God has in store for me all the way in Ireland. I am pumped to meet new people who are so in love with Jesus and want to share that with others and to work by their side to preach the Good News.

Something to know about me would be my overall zeal for life. I love to live in the moment and I am constantly seeking out adventure or adrenaline. I love sports and cycling and anything outdoors where I can test my body. I also love plants, journaling, painting, camping, and thrifting. I live a very busy life, but I also love those moments when you can just sit in the presence of other people sipping coffee and thinking and talking about life and things that matter.

I am just so excited to be doing something that I know will make a difference and to do it in a place as beautiful as Ireland. I want to bring that beauty to all aspects of Ireland, especially the Church. And I can’t wait to do it alongside my team who is driven by the same desire!!

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