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Important Policies

1) DO NOT book flights to Dublin, Ireland until you confirm with Taylor that you have met the minimum partnership requirements.

  1. This policy will be enforced! If you are concerned about this, please talk to Taylor and she will help you make a plan to ensure you meet the minimum. Exceptions of this policy can be made for missionaries who were accepted during the month of August. Missionaries who have monthly donations will have the total amount of the pledge considered in reaching the fundraising minimum.

Missionaries who arrive at Training who have met the minimum but are not fully-funded are required to participate in extended partnership sessions under Taylor’s direction.


2) Recurring monthly donations will continue until the donor contacts the NET office and requests that the donations stop. 

All recurring donations will continue until a request is made via phone +3530749190606 or email at [email protected] to discontinue the giving. Please be aware of this and be sure to convey this to your mission partners

3) Any excess partnership raised cannot be used towards flight reimbursement or kept for yourself.


This is not possible.


The reason for this is that it is important to honour the intentions of the person donating the money. If the money was given in support of the mission of NET, then it’s important to honour that, even if you have met your goal already.


Secondly, NET takes on the other 2/3 of the cost to keep the ministry running through retreat/parish fees and other development efforts. If any area of fundraising (missionary Partnership/fees/development) is having difficulty, the other areas have to compensate. So when you exceed your goal, you are helping the Gospel message reach more youth in Ireland

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