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NET Ministries Ireland is a Catholic missionary organisation, that encourages young people to love Jesus and embrace the life of the Church.



"The NET team made a difference from the first day they arrived with their dedication, creativity, enthusiasm and willingness to do whatever was asked of them. They made a positive impact on so many in our parish, both young and old. "

Fr. Shane Sullivan

Local Contact Person

"We were doing a lot of small work before the NET team came, but nothing major. We really struggled with youth ministry. We thought we were doing well but we weren’t even scratching the surface.  When I heard that the Bishop had teams here in Cork, I was jumping up and down. With what NET has done, they have kept the parish alive. "

John McCarthy


"I knew God was calling me to something more than just myself, but I didn't know where to begin. That's where NET helped me grow. Their endless enthusiasm and joy along with strong authentic friendships over the years have allowed me to stand against the current and push myself further to be a man God is calling me to be."

Joel Paul

Young Adult

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