Emily McCallum

Hello! My name is Emily and I am from a small town in Alberta, Canada. I grew up surrounded by a loving family in a very devout faith. Our faith was something we would constantly be discussing and learning about with each other. It taught me to passionate about the things I love, things like music, friendships, and my faith. This last year I served a year in Castlebar and it was year that changed my life. The Lord used this year to bring me closer to Him and to form a real relationship with Him. I am learning to bring Him into the everyday and trying to trust Him with the little things in life. This year was unpredictable and challenging but I am so thankful for the call that I have been given to be a part of this mission during this crazy time.


Why am I on NET Staff this year? I love what I am doing. I get to lead worship, live in community, and try new things all the time. I am constantly learning and strengthening my relationship with the Lord. I am doing this year on NET Staff because I want to be ready for my vocation and I want a more faith filled future for those that follow me. 

Team Supervisor

Music Ministry Coordinator

Ministry Development Team Member

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