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Local Ministry

Working in a parish, area or diocese for the youth of that area.

What Is a Local Team?

A Local NET Team is a team of 4-6 young adult missionaries that are trained in youth ministry, supported by a full-time staff and with over 34 years of retreat experience passed down to them.


A Local Team are able to set up and run youth groups, youth masses, after-school programmes, lunch-time school programmes, coffee houses, faith discussions, rosary groups, men and women's share groups and assist and aid with Religion classes and curriculum and much more. They are also able to help and upbuild any existing programmes the local area already has.

"I have found them to be exceptionally good Christians and very courageous in witnessing to the Catholic faith, to be selfless in their service of the Lord and the community. They have made a deep impression on the community, especially the families they have stayed with and the young people they work with."


Why Have a Local Team?

One of the most difficult things about a youth ministry program in an area is getting it started! Many schools, parishes or diocese do not know where to start, who to hire, how to get teens involved, what resources are out there, etc.


A NET Team provides your area with a team of 4 to 6 young adult missionaries that are fully Catholic, fully alive and fully trained in youth ministry who will adapt their skills and programmes to suit your area.

"NET Ministries have done an admirable amount of work of evangelisation with youth in schools and parishes. They are really 'tuned in' to young people and bring to them the riches of the Gospel and of the Church."


What Young People Said After 1 Year With NET

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