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Inspire your students or parish youth with a NET retreat

"My life will never be the same because of the NET Team. I will get to know Jesus more."

15 Year Old Student

"Those of us who were fortunate enough to engage with them could not but be moved by their commitment, work ethic, humility, prayer life, desire to serve, selflessness, focus and witness to the faith."

Grainne, Moville Parish Contact Person

"The prayer experience was so powerful and was the highlight of the day. Each student took away something special from their day with NET."

Derek Dooley,

Grennan College Chaplain

Why Book A NET Retreat?

A retreat is a great way for students to refocus and move froward in the school year with renewed enthusiasm. Our retreat teams are made up of 5-10 volunteers from Ireland and around the world. The teams are trained to give themed retreats that cater to a variety of audiences of different ages:

Confirmation, junior and senior-level students.

A retreat day starts by getting to know the students through lively games, activities and small groups. The NET team share their stories, music & drama with the students while growing in faith remains the central focus of the retreat.

For more information, contact Ciara via email: or call our office.

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