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Inspire your students or parish youth with a NET retreat

"My life will never be the same because of the NET Team. I will get to know Jesus more."

- 15 Year Old Student

"The prayer experience was so powerful and was the highlight of the day. Each student took away something special from their day with NET."

- Derek Dooley, Chaplain & Guidance Counsellor Grennan College Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny

Why Book A NET Retreat?

A retreat is a great way for students to refocus and move froward in the school year with renewed enthusiasm. Our retreat teams are made up of 5-10 volunteers from Ireland and around the world. The teams are trained to give themed retreats that cater to a variety of audiences of different ages:

confirmation, junior and senior-level students.

A retreat day starts by getting to know the students through lively games, activities and small groups. The NET team share their stories, music & drama with the students while growing in faith remains the central focus of the retreat.

With COVID-19, we can do Confirmation retreats online. For more information, contact Connor via email: or call our office.

9:00 Sign In and Opening Session

9:30 Introduction and Small Group

10:00 Learning Activities 

10:30 Tea Break

10:45 Gathering Song/Sketch/Game

11:00 Talk/Drama/Sharing

12:15 Large Group Activity 

1:00 Lunch

1:45 Gather and Introduction to Prayer Time

2:00 Prayer Time and Confession (If Available)

2:45 Student Sharing and Game

3:15 Closing

3:30 End Of Retreat

Sample School Retreat (Based Upon 120 Students)

Rates (2022/23)
€500 per day (up to 60 students
Over 60, €8.50 per student)
Discounts available for consecutive days booked.

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