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My Snotty, Dusty, Wounded and Scarred Hands

“No stop! No, no, no! Let me go, I don’t want to do it! Stop!” screamed the 8 year old me while throwing myself onto the dusty floor, on my first day of school in 3rd class. Mum persisted to drag me into the class but of course I wasn’t going to give in! I kicked and I screamed and I didn’t really care (or realize) if anyone heard. “I’m not going in!”, I said while wiping my snotty and teary face with my very dusty hand. So she stopped dragging me and the principal asked me “Klaudia, how about we go in together? It’s going to be ok. You’re going to be just fine.” She took me by my hand, covered in snot and tears and she walked with me into the class. You see when I first came to Ireland at

Maybe Cringey Isn't So Bad...

A bit about me: I've always believed in God mainly because of my family and an ecumenical group named The Community of Nazareth. I had been to many Christian retreats and camps and enjoyed them all. However, when I`d come home from these retreats, my Faith would fall apart. I lived the lukewarm Christian lifestyle. I knew God was real but I was happy where I was and didn’t need Gods help. No way was I going to tell my classmates or my G.A.A friends about God. I was not going to risk my reputation. And besides I was happy doing my thing and I was sure God was happy doing His thing. Right? Wrong! First off, I loved sport, I loved partying and I loved my friends. I had no time for God except

Let Us Run the Race

Have you ever ran a full on marathon? If not don't worry because I haven't. But I have noticed that people who do a marathon tend to do it again. Now some of us may wonder why they would want to go through all that sweat, pain and time that it takes to do a marathon, just to do it again. It may seem a little silly. But they do it because they get a real thrill and love pushing themselves a little more to see how much better they can do. This is a lot like NET. For 10 months you are working, praying and living with 4-9 other people, are working off of very little money, sleep and sometimes energy. It can feel like a whole month has gone by when only a week has passed. And then there is the op

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