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The Spirituality of Partnership

Praying with your PARTNERSHIP

God is why we do what we do. He is central to NET’s mission, and that includes partnership. We entrust all our efforts to Him, and we trust in His providence. As scripture tells us, ‘My God will fully supply whatever you need, in accord with his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.’ (Phil 4:19). So before you read any further in this manual, stop and pray.


At every point throughout your partnership journey, pray. When you are building a list of potential partners, ask for the Holy Spirit to be with you. As you prepare to meet with or write a letter to a potential partner, ask the Holy Spirit to be with them. When you celebrate a donation, give God thanks for His goodness and the generosity of your new partner. This journey is in His hands, so trust in His power and goodness.


With that, I want to introduce you to a man called Ted Andrew. Ted served with NET Ministries from 2015 - 2019. While serving as the partnership coordinator, in April of 2019, Ted passed away from cancer. I invite you in a particular way to ask for his intercession as you make this journey of support raising for this coming year.


In addition, here are some other steps to take!

    1. Pray!! Ask God to provide the money, ask Him who He wants you to ask to support the mission (sometimes you might not like the answers, in which case ask for the courage to approach those people!). If you don’t typically pray each day already, commit to doing so. God wants to do so much in your heart through this process, make sure you’re giving Him the time and space to do that
             -Importantly too, pray for the people that you will be asking, and pray especially for those who say yes! Gather prayer intentions from your co-missionaries and ask them to keep you in their prayers as well!

    2. Go to mass, a couple times a week if possible! Go to daily mass more often than you normally would, and ask God to strengthen you through that. (Also, daily mass could be a good opportunity to meet some people who are invested in their faith and might be inspired to see a young person doing mission work!

    3. Choose a Patron Saint. Ask this Saint’s intercession daily to support you in your support raising. 

    4. Pray a Novena. Think about praying a 9-day novena for the intention of your partnership efforts. If you’ve never prayed a novena before, it’s just a series of prayers that you pray (typically 9-days in a row) for a specific intention. Try the Novena to The Infant of Prague or Our Lady of Perpetual Help.

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