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To Do

Where to begin: Post Information Session Within one week of the Information Session, please complete the following 5 tasks: 


  1. Pray - Make a commitment to pray every day for your partners and partnership throughout your NET year. Choose a Patron Saint and commit to asking for the Saint’s intercession. 

  2. Look at the Partnership Section of the Website:

  3. Send in your 300 Euro Commitment

    1. This can be fundraised, notify Taylor if you plan to do so. 

  4. Send in a short bio and photo of yourself to for your partnership page.

  5. Personalize and Practice the Initial Phone Call

  6. Personalize and Practice the Meeting

  7. Personalize the Letter

  8. Create Partnership Plan

    1. Include at least 60 names to begin

    2. Decide how much you will invite your potential partners to join your team for

    3. Fill in contact information

    4. Prioritize your contacts

  9. Make a schedule

    1. You will need to schedule in at least 10 hours each week


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